Members of the group at Columbia University

Guillaume Bal, Professor.

  • Research Interests: (i) uniqueness and stability results in inverse transport and inverse diffusion theory with various measurement configurations, including measurements of internal data. Applications to Optical Tomography and more recently to Photo-acoustics and Acousto-Optics, which are all promising medical imaging techiques; (ii) Detection and Imaging of inclusions buried in highly heterogeneous media, mostly using radiative transfer equations to model the propagation of waves in highly heterogeneous media; (iii) Influence of small-scale structures on the reconstruction of large-scale structures in Inverse Problems, mostly using analyzes of stochastic corrections to homogenization theory.
  • Email: gb2030 {at} columbia {dot} edu
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Cedric Bellis, Postdoc

  • Research Interests: Theoretical and numerical aspects of wave propagation and inverse scattering problems. Ultrasound imaging and Elastography. Qualitative and non-iterative identification techniques. Applications in Medical and Geophysical Imaging, Non destructive material testing.
  • Email: ceb2186 {at} columbia {dot} edu
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Francois Monard, 5th-year graduate student

  • Research Interests: Hybrid methods in medical imaging: Ultrasound-modulated Electrical Impedance Tomography, theoretical and numerical aspects, reconstruction algorithms. Inverse problems in transport: scattering reconstructions from angularly averaged measurements. Numerical methods for transport.
  • Email: fm2234 {at} columbia {dot} edu
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William G.K. Martin, 5th-year graduate student

  • Research Interests: mathematics applied to earth sciences. Design and implementation of accurate three-dimensional radiative transfer simulations, with full account of polarization. Improving satellite retrieval algorithms of clouds and aerosols (in particular for NASA's Glory mission), and calculating global radiative fluxes to determine how clouds and aerosols affect the earth's radiation budget.
  • Email: wgm2111 {at} columbia {dot} edu

Ningyao Zhang, 4th-year graduate student

  • Research Interests: homogenization for schrodinger equation with highly oscillatory potentials modeled as Gaussian random fields.
  • Email: nz2164 {at} columbia {dot} edu

Chenxi Guo, 2nd-year graduate student

  • Research Interests:
  • Email: cg2597 {at} columbia {dot} edu

Yu Gu, 2nd-year graduate student

  • Research Interests:
  • Email: yg2254 {at} columbia {dot} edu
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Members of the group formerly at Columbia University

Matias Courdurier

  • Research Interests:
  • Email: mcourdurier {at} uc {dot} cl

Pierre Gentine

  • Research Interests: land-atmosphere interactions, soil-vegetation-transfer-atmosphere models, applications of stochastic processes to hydrology and atmospheric boundary-layer, stochastic rainfall and soil moisture, data-assimilation (filtering) of remote sensing measurements to estimate land-surface variables.
  • Email: pg2328 {at} columbia {dot} edu
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Nick Hoell, Postdoc.

  • Research Interests: Complex analysis and geometry applied to stationary inverse transport equation and inversion of ray transforms on Riemannian manifolds.
  • Email: nmh2111 {at} columbia {dot} edu

Wenjia Jing, Postdoc.

  • Research Interests: Homogenization and corrector analysis of partial differential equations with highly oscillating coefficients, especially for linear transport equations; analysis of high frequency impact on reconstruction in inverse transport problems.
  • Email: wj2136 {at} columbia {dot} edu
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Alexandre Jollivet

  • Research Interests:
  • Email: alexandre.jollivet {at} u-cergy {dot} fr

Ian Langmore, postdoc.

  • Research Interests: Ian currently works as a data-scientist in NYC. He still proves theorems, but only on the weekends.
  • Email: IanLangmore {at} gmail {dot} com
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Olivier Pinaud

  • Research Interests:
  • Email: pinaud {at} math {dot} univ-lyon1 {dot} fr
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Kui Ren

  • Research Interests:
  • Email: ren {at} math {dot} utexas {dot} edu
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